Unidentified Deceased

Clermont - 1988

On September 25, 1988 a victim was found deceased 30 feet off the side of CR 474 in Clermont. The victim had been deceased for 2 – 4 weeks in a rural, heavily wooded area. The victim was initially thought to be female until 2015 when DNA testing revealed the victim was biologically male. The victim was wearing a skirt, had breast implants and there is evidence she may have been taking female hormone injections. It is unknown if the victim had undergone any other gender reassignment surgery.

The victim was wearing an acid washed blue denim skirt, 26.5” waist, brand name Manisha and a green/blue tank top.

The victim is Caucasian, biologically male, age 24 – 33. Approximately 5’9” – 5’11” and 150 – 180 pounds. She had long strawberry blonde hair, believed to be colored, with brown roots. She had well-manicured nails, believed to be false and silicone breast implants (from 1983 or prior). There is evidence of a rhinoplasty (nose job) and healed broken toe, rib and facial (cheek) bones. She had multiple dental artifacts (i.e. fillings, extracted molars). Isotope analysis of her bone, teeth and hair revealed she is from south Florida.

The above sketches are approximations of what she may have looked like.

“Julie Doe” remains UNIDENTIFIED.
LCSO case number: 88-09-4583
NamUs case number: 6030
WFTV News Article

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