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    We will continually strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lake County through service to the community, by working together to provide effective crime prevention, law enforcement and judicial support.

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     Integrity, Professionalism, People, Leadership, Loyalty, Commitment, Community, Accountability . . . more.

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Lake County Sheriff's Office awarded certificate of accreditation

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Florida Sheriff's Association

10 Codes
10-1 Receiving Poorly 10-39 Message Delivered
10-2 Receiving Well 10-40 O.R. Number and time
10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-42 Out of Service at home
10-4 O.K. 10-43 Any message for
10-5 Relay to ________ 10-45 Phone _____ at ______
10-6 Busy 10-46 Urgent
10-7 Out of Service 10-48 End of message, did you copy?
10-8 In Service 10-49
Serving Warrants
Civil Papers
10-9 Repeat 10-50 Vehicle Stopped for traffic
10-10 Out of Service, Subject to call 10-50b Criminal Investigation
10-12 Visitor 10-51 Enroute
10-13 Weather and Road Conditions 10-52 E.T.A.
10-14 Escort 10-53 Coming to your office
10-15 Prisoner in custody 10-54 Negative
10-16 Pick up Prisoner at ______ 10-55 Car Calling Car
10-17 Conduct Investigation 10-56 Meet ______ at _______
10-19 Return to Station 10-58 Scramble
10-19a Gas Car 10-60 Check Tower Lights
10-19b Court 10-61 Change to All County Intercity
10-20 Your Location 10-62 Change to channel __
10-21 Phone Station    
10-22 Disregard    
10-23 Stand By 10-65 Can you copy
10-24 Trouble, send Help 10-66 Cancel
10-25 In contact with 10-68 Information
10-26 Message Received 10-71 Send Ambulance
10-27 Drivers License Check
10-28 Check Registration 10-75 Off duty, In dept Vehicle
10-29 Check for Wanted 10-81 Send Wrecker
10-29a NCIC Check 10-88 What phone can you be reached at
10-29p Person Check 10-96 Unable to locate
10-30 Against Rules 10-97 Arrived at scene
10-31 In Pursuit 10-98 Completed Assignment
10-32 Breathalyzer Available 10-99 Unable to read
10-33 Emergency Message 10-100 Alert keep in touch by phone
10-34 Jail Break Codes
10-34a Problem in Jail Code 1 Routine
10-36 Correct Time Code 2 Expedite
10-37 Operator on Duty Code 3 Respond Lights and Siren
10-38 Block roads at ________ Code 4 Cancel Responding Units

0 Armed/or Caution (a) firearm (b) other
1 Drunk Driver 
2 Drunk
3 Hit & Run (F) injury
4 Accident (F) injury
5 Murder
6 Escaped Prisoner
7 Dead Person
8 Missing Person
9 Stolen Tag (a) lost
10 Stolen Vehicle (r) Recovery
11 Abandoned Vehicle
12 Reckless Driver
13 Suspicious Vehicle (p) person (a) Suspicious Incident (x) Package
14 Information (a) Information Not Available
15 Special Detail (r) rainbow (m) AG/Marine
16 Obstruction of Highway (a) Traffic/Congestion
17 Contact Person (a) Give name of reporting party
18 Felony
19 Misdemeanor
20 Mentally Ill Person (h) homicidal (s) suicidal
21 B&E (a) business (b) residence (c) in progress
22 Disturbance (a) fight (b) family
23 Pedestrian/Hitchhiker
24 Robbery/Holdup (a) purse snatch
25 Fire (a) house (b) brush (c) vehicle (f) multiple dwelling (h) commercial (x) explosives
26 Drowning
27 Prowler (a) trespasser
28 Riot (a) civil disturbances
29 Reckless Operation/Motor boat
30 Bomb threat
31 Narcotics
32 Fraud (a) worthless checks (b) other
33 A&B (weapons)
34 Rape (a) sex offense (b) verify sex predator (BAV) sex off/pred address verif
35 Car break
36 Shooting (a) person shot (b) shooting area (c) weapons complaint
37 Suicide (a) attempt
38 Gambling
39 Juvenile Complaint (a) Autism (t) Tobacco Problem
40 Vandalism (a) city-county property
41 Obscene phone call (a) threatening call
42 Civil Complaint (a) solicitor complaint
43 Theft: Larceny (a) auto accessory (b) bike (c) shoplifter
44 Abduction (a) hostage (b) attempted abduction
49 Partner (a) pick up partner at
53 Control Burn
57 Injury as result of fire (a) death as of result of fire
81 Burglar Alarm Sounding
82 Fire Alarm Sounding
83 Miscellaneous Service Call (Request) (a) abandoned 911 call (r) Repossession (m) AG/Marine
83p Private Tow
86 Lost Property (a) found
87 Lost person (a) found
88 Noise Complaint (f> fireworks
90 Animal Complaint (a) animal bite
92 Sick Person (a) injured (b) narcotics overdose (c) Autistic Adult
93 Teletype
95 BOLO Person/Vehicle
96 Plane Crash (a) other emergency
97 Boat Accident (a) other emergency
98 Dangerous Street Condition
99 Property Check (t) Traffic Enforcement (m) AG/Marine
100 Radio Test
ACO Animal Control enters the call
AOA Assist Other Agency