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LCS Charities 10th Annual
Bass Fishing Tournament

February 25th, 2023
Hickory Point Recreation Complex


  1. ENTRY FEE: $100.00 per boat (includes big bass), 2 contestants per boat. On time entries must be postmarked by February 17, 2023. Late entries will be accepted at the ramp or after 2/17/2023 at the rate of $120.00.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: Boat Operator must be 18 years of age. Parent's signature required for any minor fishing the event. Entry form must be completely filled out and signed by both contestants.
  3. Tournament Size and Limit: Minimum size 12 inches guidelines with state exemption permit. Tournament limit 5 largemouth bass per boat. No culling of dead fish.
  4. Dead Fish: Dead fish penalty will assess at the rate of .25 pound per dead fish. To be considered a live fish it must swim off upright within 3 minutes witnessed by a tournament official. Dead fish penalty will be deducted before consideration for BIG BASS AWARD.
  5. TOURNAMENT HOURS: SAFE LIGHT until 3:00 pm. Boats will be launched in 25 boat flights and will be allowed 15 minutes per flight time extension per flight. Boats will check out by end of fishing pier and check in at the same.
  6. Late Penalty will assess at 1 pound per minute up to 15 minutes, then disqualified.
  7. TAKE-OFF: Will be in order in which entries are received. Confirmations will be sent to the boater's provided email.
  8. TACKLE & EQUIPMENT: Only artificial lures may be used. All bass must be caught in a legal sporting manner.
  9. No Trolling: Trolling is use of the outboard to power the boat to give action to the lure.
  10. BOATS & MOTORS: Boats 16 feet or longer, with properly working aerated live-wells and kill switch. NO OVERPOWERED BOATS ALLOWED. All boats must meet B.I.A., U.S. Coast Guard regulations.
  11. Life Jackets: MUST BE WORN anytime the outboard is running until check in. Kill switches MUST BE Attached to the driver anytime the combustion motor is running. Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. No alcoholic beverages, stimulants or depressants allowed in boats during tournament hours.
  12. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Anywhere on the tournament water except within 50 yards of another Contestant's boat or the take-off / launch area. All fishing must be done from boat. No Contestant may leave the boat to fish or land a fish.

Tournament Director has final decision.
Any violation of these rules may constitute disqualification from this event with no refund of entry fee.


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Liability release must be signed on the date of the event, in order to participate.

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Tournament Director - Neal Lazarus
(407) 383-4223