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    We will continually strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lake County through service to the community, by working together to provide effective crime prevention, law enforcement and judicial support.

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*Florida Department Of Law Enforcement And The FBI Classifies The Following Race Codes As:
W - WHITE (Including Caucasian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, Other Spanish Culture or origin, regardless of race)
A - ASIAN/ORIENTAL (Including Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Polynesian, Indian, Indonesian, Asian Indian, Samoan, any other Pacific Islander)
I - INDIAN AMERICAN/ALASKAN NATIVE (Including American Indian, Eskimo, Alaskan Native, A person having origins in any of the 48 contiguous states of the United States or Alaska who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recoginition)
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Displaying records for 06/29/2015 00:00 through 06/29/2015 20:55
Booking# Inmate ID Name (Last,First,Middle) DOB Race/Sex Arresting Agency Time Booked
15004370 74817 JONES, JUSTIN LAMAR 11/05/1988 B/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 20:41
15004369 119327 ANTICH, GEORGIANNA LANG 10/08/1981 W/F LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 20:18
15004372 126204 GREEN, WILLIAM STORM 12/30/1991 W/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 19:54
15004374 56567 DULLUM, KATHY RENE 06/25/1960 W/F LEESBURG P.D. 06/29/2015 19:38
15004368 126203 BELL, DANIEL JASON 09/08/1977 W/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 17:02
15004366 62720 CHARETTE, MARIE NOEL 12/24/1984 W/F LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 16:33
15004367 98878 PFETTSCHER, RANDALL WILLIAM 08/01/1987 W/M FRUITLAND PARK P.D. 06/29/2015 16:05
15004365 123371 TAYLOR, KYLE ROBERT 11/19/1984 W/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 14:04
15004364 112855 CAMPBELL, KADIJAH Q 11/10/1993 B/F LADY LAKE P.D. 06/29/2015 14:04
15004363 124484 THOMPSON, BILLY JAMES 06/29/1972 W/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 11:47
15004362 126202 HARVEY, ROBERT JOSEPH 11/10/1993 W/M LEESBURG F.H.P. 06/29/2015 05:58
15004356 124616 PEREZ, VIDAL JOSE 04/11/1996 W/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 02:52
15004359 126200 DEASY, BENJAMIN STEPHEN 08/12/1970 W/M ASTATULA P.D. 06/29/2015 02:45
15004361 126201 CORRION, MILDRED 04/15/1960 W/F LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 02:44
15004360 119069 TALCOTT, KAREN DIANE 12/30/1957 W/F LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 01:43
15004355 36136 INMON, ROBERT SEAN 05/31/1970 B/M LAKE COUNTY S.O. 06/29/2015 00:14
Total Bookings for this period of time: 16