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The Tactical Medical (TACMED) Challenge 2019 is the Fourth Annual multifaceted approach to the ongoing professionalizing of the tactical medical community. It is first and foremost an unprecedented educational symposium coupled with a challenging competition that fosters teamwork and improves the skill sets of both the medical operator and non-medical operator.

Each event will have four (4) competitors, all capable of engaging in handgun and shoulder fired weapons courses of fire. All team members will shoot specific, documented courses of fire. The obstacle course will have five (5) competitors.

Each events competition team requires a minimum of one operator serving as the (1) organic team medic.

NOTE: The operator identified as the organic medic for each team is not required to possess an emergency medical services (EMS) certification or license; however, all team members, to include, said organic medic will execute casualty care in accordance with (IAW) the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines as prescribed by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care; and be judged IAW with the TCCC Guidelines.

An entering team can have up to total of six (6) registered competitors. However, a minimum of one (1) organic medic will always be assigned to the competition team.

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