This department receives warrants, capias', direct case warrants, and summons' on a daily basis. Warrants are then processed, some of which we send notices, while others are given to warrants deputies to be served. All warrants are entered into our computer system and then are entered into either FCIC or NCIC.

FCIC is Florida's Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Information System; NCIC is the National Crime Information Center.

Notices are sent out for summons for court appearances. If contact was not made through the mail, the summons is given to a warrant deputy to be served.

The warrants division consists of four deputies who serve warrants. Our warrants deputies' main job is to serve local, out of county, and out of state warrants. Our deputies serve warrants on a daily basis and attempt to locate all subjects for whom warrants are issued.

We do not give warrant information out over the phone; all information must be obtained in person. If unable to come to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, report to your local Law Enforcement Agency.