In 1990, the Sheriff implemented a full time Training Unit. The goal of the Training Unit is to develop a training program with relevant training methodologies to stimulate interest on the part of all personnel. The training materials include video and audiotapes, lectures and hands-on scenarios. These materials bring to light the practical and ethical problems that officers may face on a day-to-day basis. Liability issues today encourage comprehensive documentation of all officers' training qualifications and performance.

The Training Unit schedules training and maintains all records pertaining to:
  • In-Service Training for all certified positions
  • Collision Avoidance Training
  • Bloodborne/Airborne Pathogens Policy and Training
  • Domestic Violence/Juvenile Sex Offender Training
  • Firearm Qualifications
  • Defensive Tactics Training
  • Legal Updates
  • CPR Training
  • FCIC/NCIC Training

The Training Unit is also responsible for:
  • Employment background investigations
  • Review and update all current training programs
  • Develop and implement officer survival training
  • Develop and implement "In-Service Training"
The training unit also oversees the office's weapons inventory to ensure accountability and that they are in good working condition. The unit is also responsible for mandatory retraining of all certified law enforcement and corrections officers within the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

In cooperation with the Lake County School Board, the Lake County Sheriff's Office has the responsibility to create and implement effective countywide in-service, recruit, advanced, and specialized training programs for all law enforcement and correction officers within Lake County. We also solicit student participation from other criminal justice jurisdictions.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office Training Unit is assigned to the Criminal Justice Academy (Institute of Public Safety), with a director appointed to oversee the daily operations. The Training Unit works closely with training officers from surrounding agencies to ensure that all the training needs within Lake County are met.  The Sheriff's goal is to offer specialized courses at the academy, which are beneficial to all law enforcement and corrections officers throughout the county.


From Left to Right: Master Deputy Scott O'Neil - Law Enforcement Program Coordinator & In-Service Training Coordinator, Phyllis Nowlen - Training Assistant, Lieutenant Chris De Libro - Criminal Justice Academy Director, Sgt. Russ Edwards - Training Supervisor and Corrections Program Coordinator, Michelle Pedde - Background Investigations, Master Deputy Kevin Howard - Range Master and Department Armorer


Obstacle Course

Live Fire House

Running Man

Defensive Tactics Room

Driving/Skid Pad

Road Course