The Lake County Sheriff's Office School Resource Unit follows a nationally accepted program involving the placement of law-enforcement officers into the educational environment. The unit is assigned to the Special Services Bureau, consisting of a Bureau Commander, a Lieutenant, (2) Sergeants, (2) Corporals, (29) sworn deputies, and (1) K-9 deputy. This unit is responsible for the staffing of seven high schools, one 9th Grade Center, eight middle schools, five elementary schools, and one charter school in Lake County.

Each School Resource Deputy is assigned to a specific school which permits the deputy to become familiar with the school's internal atmosphere. While on the school campus the deputy is able to provide a variety of services and benefits for the school community, such as:
  • Classroom instruction providing information to students, faculty and staff concerning the law, personal rights and responsibilities, and other law-enforcement related topics.
  • A better opportunity for students, faculty and staff to meet and interact with law-enforcement in a non-confrontational setting. This allows for the deputy to serve as a role model as well as a resource and a mentor to the students that may have questions or needs with which the deputy may assist them.
  • A safe and secure learning environment.
  • A deterrent to crime by being visible on the school campus and the surrounding community. This establishes a positive relationship with the students, faculty, and the local community.
  • A more efficient and effective response to emergencies, criminal investigations, and arrests when necessary.
  • A working relationship between the deputy and the principal. This relationship creates a cooperative effort in finding solutions to problems that our youth are faced with today.