Lake County Sheriff\

Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell

OVERVIEW: Immediate crisis response is critical in any instance of intentional or natural trauma-producing violence. Crime Victim Assistance is critical in reducing trauma reactions and providing supportive assistance to victims and witnesses, their families, or our community.

PURPOSE: The primary purposes of the Crime Victims Assistance Program are to:
  • reduce the impact of trauma on the victims of violent crimes
  • utilize safety planning for homicide prevention in domestic violence incidents
  • assess situations where people have been victimized by violent crimes and to suggest appropriate courses of personal action such as: counseling, relocation, or medical care
  • advocate for the rights of crime victims

OBJECTIVES: The primary objectives of the Crime Victims Assistance Program are to:
  • provide on-the-scene crisis intervention, death notification, and supportive assistance
  • implement safety planning needs assessment, and lethality assessment to domestic violence victims, and to refer them to the appropriate social service agencies
  • administer victim rights information, Victim Crime Compensation referrals, assist throughout the criminal justice process, and provide personal advocacy
  • offer on-the-scene assistance so law enforcement can focus on the individual of individuals affected by the traumatic incident