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Lake County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell

Lake County Sheriff\ Lake County Sheriff\ Lake County Sheriff\ Lake County Sheriff\ Lake County Sheriff\

The Communications Center is the hub of any law enforcement agency. The personnel assigned to work in the hub are a very service orientated team of Dispatchers. These Dispatchers are the first to receive and disseminate calls for service from and to the citizens of Lake County. All 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators are required to become state certified within the first year of employment and are required to have at a minimum of 232 hours of training.

The calls for service received into the Communication Center have a diverse range of priority assignment and emergency response action to be taken by the Dispatcher. The ability to know which range of emergency call you may handle next requires the Dispatcher to be alert and pay attention to detail during his/her entire shift. The calls for service are received into the Communications Center by two main methods. The 24 hour business line 343-2101 and 911 calls.

Incoming 911 Calls 155,427
Abandoned 911 Calls 1,015
Incoming Admin Calls 229,799
Outgoing Admin Calls 107,455
Total Call Volume 493,696

  • 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator State Certification (Effective October 1, 2012) - 232 hours (Approximately 8 weeks in class or available via online training)
  • LCSO on the job training:

    Call Taking/911 275 hours
    Teletype 176 hours
    Radio 495 hours
    Total Training 946 hours
  • Additional State Certification to utilize secure Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS)

Along with the 24 hour business line and the 911 calls, the Dispatchers operate a NCIC/FCIC computer which allows them to communicate with all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Canadian provinces. Radio operation and broadcast of the calls for service is part of the duties of the Sheriff's Office Dispatchers.