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The primary function of the Central Records Department is the processing of all incident reports, Misdemeanor Citations, traffic/boating citations and traffic crash reports.  Central Records is also responsible for maintaining accurate statistics that are sent to FDLE/Uniform Crime Reports Department to monitor the crime index throughout the state. In addition, we also assist the public in obtaining copies of incident reports and calls for service, local records checks, and insurance requests. All incident reports are scanned into the Document Management System where they will remain permanently. Incident reports where an arrest has been made are processed and disseminated as follows:
  • Felony and Misdemeanor arrests are forwarded to the State Attorneys Office for prosecution
  • isdemeanor citations/Notices to Appear and tobacco citations are forwarded to the Clerk of Courts Misdemeanor Department for processing
  • Juvenile arrests are disseminated to the Juvenile Clerk of Court office as well as the Juvenile Court Liaison.
  • Work in lieu of arrest or WILA citations are processed and forwarded to Teen Court
All traffic crash reports are submitted to, a national source for police crash reports, including state repositories. The public may access and print accident reports from this site 24 hours a day. For further assistance in obtaining your report from, please call toll free 866-847-1301.

Traffic citations are processed and sent to the Traffic Department at the Lake County Clerk of Courts. Boating citations are process and sent to the Boating division of the Misdemeanor department of the Clerk of Courts office. For the safety and consideration of our community, all domestic violence reports are also forwarded to the office for the Haven, our local shelter for victims of domestic violence.

Any information that is defined as "exempt" from public record, such as bank account information, social security numbers, juvenile victim information, etc. is removed from the incident reports before being distributed to the public. For more information on public record exemptions, please visit